FAQs about TEZ Rocket

Definitely Yes. We will send you your rewards in your KT1 address every cycle, which stores your delegated funds. By adding the rewarded to the baking quantity again, you can expect a huge increase in your fund and this means the total amount you have delegated to us will increase with each payout.

If your wallet has TEZ Rocket listed, you can just select TEZ Rocket from the lists. In case we’re not listed in the wallet, simply copy and paste our delegation address manually; 

tz1abTjX2tjtMdaq5VCzkDtBnMSCFPW2oRPa (Copy)

Rewards are calibrated so that the number of XTZ tokens grows at approximatively 5.5% per year. Before the mainnet launches, there might be many problems with commission and baking system during the betanet. However, TEZ Rocket is dedicated to providing fair compensation and showing how compensation is determined to be transparent. In addition, we are listening openly to any feedback even if it is good or bad things.

Distribution will be made every cycles after your first rewards. All distributions can be confirmed and tracked through TzScan. If there is any problem, please feel free contact to us immediately.

We, all the Rocketmen, are early investors in cryptocurrency and big fans in Tezos. Surely convinced that Tezos will lead the blockchain 3.0, on-chain governance, we would like to contribute to it by letting people know Tezos. That is why we launh TEZ Rocket, the organic Tezos delegation service.